Conductivity and fire protection  …

… are the most important properties for which our materials are used in the plastics industry.

RMC Remacon supports the constant development in the field of high-performance plastics with innovative raw materials.

Here, our innovative carbon materials offer possible uses in a wide range of application areas. Due to the production of the ultrafine graphite materials in Southern Germany, we have a high degree of individualization possibilities and process reliability.

In addition to standard types, we offer further developments that have been specially developed for use in plastics.

Expandable Graphite …

… is becoming increasingly important in the plastics industry. Under the influence of heat expandable graphite enlarges by a multiple of its original volume.

This property makes expandable graphite from RMC Remacon an excellent flame retardant additive. A particular advantage is the freedom from halogens and heavy metals.

RMC Remacon offers individualized expandable graphite solutions that have been adapted for use in the plastics industry. “

Expandable Graphite

Natural & synthetic graphite …

… is used in plastics to improve thermal and electrical conductivity. The layered grid structure and the covalent bonds occurring in it allow electrical conductivity due to free electrons.

These properties are used for example in antistatic plastics. By adding graphite as a filler or additive, the thermal conductivity of plastics can be greatly increased.

In addition, graphites from RMC Remacon can be used as fillers in plastics to reduce the coefficient of friction. The lubricating properties thus achieved are used, for example, in seals or plain bearings.

Ultrafine Graphite

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