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… of technical grades of carbon offered by RMC Remacon is reflected in a wide range of materials, which, in addition to the areas listed on the website, are supplemented by the following products, among others:


RMC Remacon offers various grades of macrocrystalline natural graphite and amorphous graphite. In addition to grain size and purity, the origin of the material can also be defined.

We offer both gas calcined anthracite (GCA) and electrically calcined anthracite (ECA) to customer specification.

In addition to expandable graphite in bulk, RMC Remacon also offers so-called expandable foil cuttings. In the field of molded parts made of expandable graphite, our portfolio includes expandable components in sheet and foil form.

Besides our micronized graphites we also offer synthetic graphites in coarser grain fineness.

Industrial carbon blacks serve as an important raw material for the rubber and paints/varnishes industry. Talk to us about your requirements. We have a wide range of carbon blacks at our disposal.

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RMC Remacon

Located in Bad Säckingen on the Hochrhein, RMC Remacon today supplies technical grades of carbon all over the world. Our customers include both small and medium-sized companies as well as globally operating, large corporations. In the end, our fenestrated graphite is turned into high-tech lubricants and lubricating greases, additives for the chemical industry, modern building materials, ceramics or fillers to improve conductivity.

Our consultants have extensive expertise about the possible applications of graphite. We will be pleased to advise you on the optimum product for your needs.


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